Wednesday, June 15, 2011

great things about being blind. Irresistably sweet blog award.

My friend Lisa writes a blog called fifty good deeds.
It is a wonderful blog at
She passed along to me the irresistably sweet blog award.
We don't mean sicky sweet or soppy sweet or cute cute cute sweet.
We mean, nice, fun, that kind of sweet.
I need to pass it along to others and will pull those blogs together soon.
But, for now, I will just say thanks to Lisa for reading and reccommending my blog to others.
Thanks to guide dogs for the blind.
for connecting my blog to theirs.
Thanks to all readers new friends and old for their support and their omments.
You all inspire me.

I thought it might be tough to keep writing every day but it isn't.
It's fun.
And gives me great story material too.
For the blog award, I must tell you seven things about myself.
So, here goes.
1.  I love to read and write and tell stories.
2.  I am a former paralympic athlete.
3.  I love being with people but also love time to myself.
4.  I love dark chocolate.
5.  I love delivering workshops and disability awareness presentations.
6.  I love being physically active and outside.
7.  I am a lover of learning new things.
Kind of boring I know but hey best I could do.
One great thing about being blind is writing this blog.
Thank you all.

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