Friday, April 15, 2011

Great things about being blind. Interesting work.

If I hadn't been blind, I doubt I would have had the experiences I had yesterday.  In the morning, I did my first ever stint as a journalist.  I did my first interviews for a story for accessible media on the accessible channel.
This channel broadcasts every program with audio description for people who are blind.
They try to have all of their reporters as people who are blind.  Between the shows, they put in interviews about events or people that might be of interest to people who are blind.
To find out more, go to
After that, I was in a training video for Elections Ontario.  this is for our provincial elections.  They are making a video to train elections staff on how to assist people with various disabilities.
It was all a great deal of fun.
tulia was a big hit.  In the video, we kept having to walk into the same room.  I'm sure she didn't understand that at all.  Why do we keep doing this?
It was a long day and Tulia and I were ready for peace and quiet when it was all over.
If I wasn't blind, neither of these things would have happened to me.

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