Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great things about being blind. Hearing the world.

I think that spring is finally here.  Spring always makes me happy.  The sun is warmer and I don't need boots, coat, hat, gloves.  But, I like it also because the windows are open again.  I always realize every spring that all winter with windows closed, I don't hear the world outside nearly as much.  I do hear car noises sometimes and sirens but I don't hear people's shoes as they walk past, birds singing, people having conversations.  I don't hear the tap tap of dog paws outside or the jingling of collars.  I don't hear the swish of bike wheels.  I don't hear the bouncing of a ball, the tap and slide of a skateboard, the squeak and swish of rollerblades.  It is Tulia's first spring with me.  This morning, she was sitting in front of our low livingroom window looking out and sniffing.  I sat beside her on the floor and listened for a while.  It seems as if we both like the open windows.

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