Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great things about being blind. Bricking up windows.

Last night, I went to a storytelling event.
The storyteller was telling a story about england several hundred years ago. she described how the king at the time wanted to tax everyone according to how many windows each person had. The premise was that the wealthier the person was, the more windows they would have. Some of the characters were bricking up their windows so they could pay less tax. I thought, "Ah hah! Ah hah! If you are blind you could brick up all windows and pay no taxes." So, Mr. Harper, if you are listening and want to impose this tax on Canadians, I'll be going out and bricking up windows so I can pay less tax. Or then again maybe not! tulia likes to look out and I like the feel of the sun and the sounds that come in.

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