Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great things about being blind. Does your dog have a broken back?

While reading over my stories about interactions with little kids, I remembered this one which took place several years ago.  I was standing in an airport with my guide dog in her harness.  A little kid came up and started saying, "The poor doggy.  The poor doggy.  The doggy is hurt."  I touched my dog, examined her paws, ears, tail, all parts of her to make sure she wasn't bleeding.  She seemed  happy enough.  The parents were also a little confused.  They said, "No.  The dog is happy.  See the dog is wagging her tail>"  "no no no that dog is hurt."  "What is the matter with the dog?" I asked.  "She has a broken back.  She has a splint on her back."  He was talking about the harness.  Once I explained why she wore the harness and that its handle was for me to hold, he was much ahppier.  It was sweet that he was so concerned about the dog too.

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