Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great things about being blind. More kid stories.

This actually didn't happen to me but was told to me by a friend who is blind.  Sometimes when offering a totally blind person a plate of food, it is helpful to describe where abouts on the plate certain food items are.  On occasion when I've been passed a plate, I have forcefully stabbed a whole roll with my fork bringing it towards my face.  I've also ensnared a paper cup of cranberry sauce and other interesting things.  My mom from an early age would say, "Your meat is at 12 O'Clock and your potatoes are at 6 O'Clock."  This means that you think of the plate as a clock face.  If the plate is sitting inf front of you, six is close to you and 12 furthest away etc.  My friend was doing a presentation on blindness at a school and she explained this concept.  A little boy put up his hand and said in a horrified voice,  "You mean, they eat their meat at 12 and don't get to eat their vegetables until 3?"  Happy eating everyone.

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