Saturday, April 9, 2011

Great things about being blind. Ignorance is bliss!

This week, we visited my mom's best friend.  They've been friends since they were seven and I have known the family since I was a baby.  Every time we visit their home, I hear the story about myself and the window.  Up until this visit, I didn't realize the end of the story.  This sure indicates one time when it was good to be blind.  It meant nothing about this seemed to scare me.  We arrived at their house one time when I was about 18 months old.  I was an active baby.  Some people say that babies who are blind do not explore their environments and remain in one place.  They need to be encouraged to move around.  I never had that problem.  I moved a lot and explored a lot.  When we arrived, my om's friend asked if they needed to put up a baby gate.  Mom said that I would be fine and wouldn't move around too much.  I crawled around the livingroom and approached the window.  It is a big window.  The livingroom is up a flight of stairs.  I pulled myself up on the window sill and somehow the screen went out the window.  I followed it out, fell a few feet to the ground below.  When mom and her friend ran out, there I was sitting on the grass smiling away and not even crying.  Guess it helps sometimes not to see the ground you are about to hit before it happens right?
This time, Tulia spent a lot of time looking out of that big window.
I didn't climb in or out.
Thanks to Bev and Ken for your wonderful hospitality and company!
You're the best!

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