Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great things about being blind. Touching colours.

Yesterday I wrote about colours and sounds.  Today, it is colours and textures.  Textures have always been very important to me.  Similar to those of you who can see items of clothing, I will not wear an item of clothing if I don't like the way it feels.  I couldn't stand to do that.  Even if someone said it looked better on me than anything else in the store, I would absolutely refuse to wear it.  Textures also remind me of what colours must be like.  I also associate textures with people's voices.  The feel of velvet which I love, I associate with some people with rich deep voices.  Velvet also reminds me of dark colours.  Soft silky and thinner material reminds me of lighter colours and people with high, clear bell-like voices.  Polar fleece somehow reminds me of reds or oranges and people with mid-range and full rich voices.  I love the feel of my guide dog's silky ears, smooth feeling cool stones, knitted sweaters and scarves, inticrate tapestires that I can touch, pottery dishes, the materials I discussed above.  I hate the feel of raw hamburger, burlap, slimy tofu that comes packed in liquid, any bumpy cloth,  outdoor walls that are bumpy and rough.  Some people's voices that I don't like remind me of some of these materials.  Now all you storytellers will be bombarding me with messages asking what your voices remind me of I'm sure.  I may or may not be able to answer!  None of you sound like burlap though.  That is reserved for certain people like my kindergarten teacher who wouldn't let me do anything in class.  When my retired guide dog Gia died a few months ago, I worried that I wouldn't remember what her fur felt like.  I still do remember it.  That long silky golden fur.  Touching that reminded me of water gently flowing over rocks or the sunshine.

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