Saturday, April 2, 2011

Great things about being blind. The spring is coming! The spring may be here!

The signs of spring are everywhere.  Grass is starting to come up,  I know because I can hear Tulia's paws crunching on it.  Or maybe they are just crunching on the mud that will be grass at some point in the future!
The birds are singing like crazy.  I haven't heard the cardinal again but cute whistling songs from what I imagine are quite small and dainty birds.  Maybe they aren't but I like to think they are!  The sun feels warmer on my face.  I've stopped wearing my gloves.  Gloves are like blindfolds for the hands!  And I have my winter coat still on the hook downstairs but wore a spring coat today.  And I opened our windows for the first time in months.  Not the livingroom ones yet but Tulia will love to sit there and sniff the air.  She already loves looking out of our windows down there.  bring on the spring.  Oh yes, and also no snowbanks to clamber over.  No icy sidewalks to navigate.  Today on our way about, we were just skimming along the sidewalks.  Both of us were happy.   Tulia's bouncy walk always makes me happy.  It is like she has springs in her feet.  And her tail wagged against my leg when we left the house this morning.  Happy happy spring to all.  Tulia has survived her first Canadian winter!  And, I've survived another one!

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