Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great things about being blind. Easter eggs.

Someone asked me the other day, if it was difficult for me to hunt for easter eggs as a kid.  I don't remember it being particularly tough actually.  I just crawled around, felt around on surfaces, touched things and found them.  Perhaps I wasn't as quick at it as my sighted brother was.  But, I seemed to always have a fair number of eggs.  I remember that we also had messages and clues to go and find easter treats.  Mine were brailled by my mother.  Easter eggs remind me of one of my staple storytelling stories about me trying to hatch a dragon from chocolate eggs.  If you haven't heard it, book me as a storyteller and you can!  It involves much melting of chocolate!   Happy easter to all or passover or any other holiday you are celebrating this weekend.

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