Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where do we find our curiosity?

At a meeting yesterday, we were talking about how we encourage blind people to know that they can learn, can adapt, can find ways to do things and live productive and happy lives.  It got me wondering.  How do we show people that they can do this?  How do we instill the curiosity?  The love of learning?  The feeling that things are still possible but must be adapted?  Leading by example is important perhaps.  But what if they say, "Well it is easy for you.  But I couldn't do it."  We went around this question a little and I think it is a key one for anyone adapting to a disability of any kind.  don't have answers really.  Just posing the question and glad for my endless curiosity, stubbornness, and thirst for knowledge.  They continue to help me all of the time.

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  1. So very grateful for those mentors that helped me to believe in myself through their example. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.


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