Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wearing a hood or a hat.

It has been extremely cold here.  A while back, I did a few posts on dog and people boots.  Now, today, I talk about the hood of my winter coat.  Wearing a hood as a totally blind person can be a little dangerous.  It isn't as dangerous when I travel with my guide dog but certainly when using a cane it was.  I rely on my hearing and also sensing things with my face.  I think this is called echo location.  It is a bit  hard to explain except that I do feel things in the side of my face when objects are near me.  I can sense openings for doorways or parking lot entrances etc.  But, when my head is covered in a hood, it is harder to hear and to feel these things.  I can get disoriented.  Also, Isee a little bit of light in one eye and can't really see that when the hood is on.  But, when it is cold, I need to wear it.  Sometimes, I wear it as I travel down the block and then remove it so I can hear traffic to cross the street.  If it is snowing, when I pull it back up, snow slides down my neck sometimes.  But it is safer.  If anything is puzzling me, I remove the hood to listen and sense.  Then put it back on again.  Hats don't inhibit my hearing so much unless they really come down tightly over my ears.  But, they also aren't as warm.  Tomorrow, gloves.  How I hate them!

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