Sunday, January 8, 2012

The day of acquiring dog boots.

I was so excited when I found that my third guide dog Gia would actually wear and keep on dog boots.. No more people walking past as we stood at bus stops in the cold saying, "That dog should be wearing boots." It was wonderful. Still, I had to check the boots but it would be great. She would be warm and comfortable in her red winter coat and red boots. One morning, we set off for work when I worked in a nursing home. We had to walk about five blocks to the bus stop. Take one bus, transfer to another one, then walk about three blocks on a sidewalk and one block on a sidewalkless road, through a big parking lot, and to the door. We made it all the way to the sidewalkless road with four boots on. I was so excited and proud. Here we were on the home stetch and all boots were accounted for. I didn't check again until we got to work. It was just one block after all. The snow was falling and it was very cold. I was horrified when I stepped inside and found that only two boots remained on. Work colleagues went and checked. One boot was found. but still, there were only three. In the afternoon, another work colleague went to a pet store. she found a pack of three boots on the shelf. She said, "You should just give these boots to my friend for her guide dg. You wouldn't want a guide dog getting cold and all hurt by the salt would you?" She was persuasive because they did it. Gave her the pakc of three boots for me. So I returned home with six boots instead of four. Tomorrow, how the remaining boot was found.

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