Friday, January 20, 2012

Knows how to play the crowd

Yesterday, I was having coffee with a friend.  Tulia had her boots on and I decided that I wouldn't take them off in the coffee shop.  If I did, I would have to put them back on again when we left.  If I am somewhere for a long time, I do take them off.  I probably should have as we were there for a while, but I didn't.  Tulia does not like being inside with her boots on.  She sat up and gave the eye to anyone who would look at her which probably included everyone in the coffee shop.  They would often say how cute she was.  How good she was.  I think she was begging that someone would come and remove her horrible purple boots.  They do keep her feet warm and salt free and she is grateful for that.  When I put them on before leaving the house, she immediately wants to charge out of the door so she can work and then get them off sooner maybe.  She does really like to work though so maybe it is just happiness about our next great adventure.

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