Monday, January 16, 2012

Adicted to different kinds of tea

I finished a box of tea yesterday.  It could be my irish heritage but I do love tea.  I find it relaxing to make.  I make it the way my irish gran told me to make it.  Heat the pot.  Heat the cup.  Milk in the cup first.  Steep the right amount of time.  The making of tea is so relaxing.  More than making coffee for some reason.  And the drinking of tea is relaxing.  It takes me ages to drink my tea.  Anyway, I am quite hooked on trying various kinds of tea.  Herbal and non-herbal.  Yesterday, after I finished my box of tea, I found in the cupboard a lot of small samples of tea I bought at a tea shop when we were on vacation.  I was so excited.  Peach, mango, chy, chocolate mint, another kind of mint.  Just enough probably for one or two cups from each sample but what a nice thing it was to find and sniff all the various samples.  It is minus 30 something with the wind chill here so about time to make some more tea and settle down to work.

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  1. I LOVE tea too! Right now I have some herbal and black teas that I'm going through. *smile* I drink my tea really quick though because I hate it when it gets cold.


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