Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Robbie Burns and haggis

It is Robby burns day.  I am not a fan of haggis.  But every time I think of it, it reminds me of the first and last time I tried it.  I was working in a day program for seniors.  There was a lady in her late 90s from Scotland originally and she loved all things Scotish.  She recited Burns poetry.  She talked excitedly about Robbie Burns day and also about Haggis.  She wanted us to have a celebration and so we did.  We actually bought haggis.  We played and sang music, talked about the country, heard folk tales.  Lunch time came.  The lady proudly recited the poem that you say before eating haggis and we tried it.  I had a bite and didn't care for it.  But, my scotish friend was sitting beside me and kept saying, "Come on now!  You can't tell me you don't like haggis?"  So I continued to eat it the best I could.  I did not like it but I loved her and I loved the day.  I have very fond memories of her accent, her scrabble playing, her singing, her reciting, and her love of haggis.  Happy Robbie burns day to her and to everyone celebrating today.

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