Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hearing the weather.

I heard the weather on the radio this morning.  Extremely cold and windy.  But, I always listen to the weather too.  What do I hear that might tell me something?  People scraping off their cars (snow has fallen or ice has built up on them over night) people having trouble starting cars (it is cold!  Really cold!)  When I open the front door, I can feel cold on my face,  hear rain or snow or wind.  I can hear other things too.  People walking by.  Are they strolling along?  If they are, the weather might be balmy and beautiful.  If they are all hurrying, maybe it is freezing or sizzling or raining, snowing or windy.  If I hear peope's shoes slipping and sliding, it is probably icy.  This is the equivalent I guess to someone taking a look outside before leaving the house.

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