Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy birthday Louis Braille.

I interrupt my posts on dog boots and winter to say happy birthday to Louis Braille. It is hard to believe that braille is over 200 years old and in some ways has never changed. Yes, there are braille displays and braille printers now but braille itself has not changed. Some say in these days of computer programs that read aloud text on the screen, audio books, etc, that braille is dying. I sure hope it isn't. When given a choice, I will read in braille if I can. I have read studies that blind people who know braille are more likely to be employed. I would urge anyone going blind to try to learn at least a little of braille. I love braille. Happy happy birthday to you Louis Braille you have had a very huge effect on my life.

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  1. I'm learning braille right now. I'm not going blind, but I want to be an Orientation and Mobility instructor when I'm through with University and I thought it might give me an edge if I could also teach braille. It's very interesting!


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