Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gloves and mittens not friends to blind people.

so, it is still cold here.  You need gloves or mittens or something on your hands when you venture outside.  How I hate that!  How I hate wearing anything on my hands.  Think about it!   My hands are like your eyes if you can see.  I touch something to know what it is.  My keys, To feel for a door handle, to figure out what something is.  Of course to read braille.  My hands are as important as my ears to navigate the world.  And when I cover them up, I feel clumsy and awkward.  So, if I have to figure something out, off come the gloves so I can touch it and figure out what it is.  Then, back on go the gloves.  Tomorrow, the types of hand coverings I've tried.

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  1. Agree. Mittens are out for me. I do love the little knit gloves - usually around $1 - in various colors to wear with all my coats. They keep my hands warm but don't take away my sense of touch, somehow.


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