Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Awesome things about being blind

My new year's resolution for 2011 is to post each day one amazing thing about being totally blind. I've been posting them on facebook but I will update here.
Jan 1. One of the most awesome things about being totally blind is that you can have an amazing looking, beautifully behaved, intelligent dog with you at all times and in all locations.
In fact, when my dog isn't with me, I find myself talking to my cane or nothing as if she is there. They are real ice breakers. Nine times out of ten, the first thing said to me is what a beautiful dog I have.
January 2, One awesome thing about being totally blind and a braille reader is that you can read in all vehicles, in all light conditions or lack of them and you don't feel sick. The only thing that might inhibit the braille reading is if your hands become too cold.
January 3, One amazing thing about being totally blind is that when it is very cold, you can pull your hat down over your face, your scarf up and cover it completely. Unlike those sighted folks traveling the world, you don't need to see and can stay warmer.
January 4, while in classes or in a boring meeting at work or seminar, you can braille things unrleated to class or work and no one will ever know.
January 5, You can leave the lights off and save electricity. This means that you are environmentally conscious and since I don't drive either I am still more environmentally conscious. One time I forgot to turn the lights on and called my guide dog down the stairs. She didn't come at first and then ambled down very slowly. I thought she had hurt her legs until I remembered the lights. When I turned them on, she bounded down the stairs. Stay tuned each day for another amazing blindness thing.

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