Friday, January 14, 2011

Great things about being blind. Listening to dog tails wagging

Okay once again I am holding off on the airline stories. After all, I have all year to post something every day. I'm starting to wonder if I was over ambitious? Last night, my two dogs were playing. Gia, my retired guide dog who is a golden and tiny black lab guide Tulia. Their tails were wagging. It makes me smile to hear and feel dog tails wagging. Gia has a long, thin, soft golden tail with that fan like fur under it. She wags slowly. If she is lying on her side and you approach there is a slow and rhythmic thump thump thump of the tail. If she is lying on her stomach you can here a whispering swish swish swish back and forth. When she is in water and wags it, again there is a swishing sound. When she was working and it was summer, I used to love to feel that golden tail tap against my leg. Tulia has a tiny, short, broad, lab tail. she wags it faster. Thump-thump thump-thump and when she is sitting down and wags very fast there is a very fast swishing noise as she wags. She can wag her whole self too which you can feel if you have your hand on her shoulders while she does it. So when the two dogs play together you can hear various tail wags hitting the wall, clanging on the furniture, thumping on the floor. It never fails to make me very happy.

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  1. Our Airedale Brighid used to sleep upstairs in the hall outside the bedroom until Ted would get home, usually quite late, from the theatre. As soon as his car turned in the lane Brighid's tail would start to wag, thump, thump, thump on the floor, first slowly, then more quickly as he entered the house.
    And like Tulia, she could wag with her whole body. Whenever we would come home she would greet us: all four paws would be on the ground but she would practically be on her toes, wiggling her rear, wagging her tail, a toy in her mouth and executing her happy dog dance. What a wonderful greeting it was! Thanks for bringing back these memories.


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