Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great things about being blind. air travel adventures 1.

Well I am all rested and ready to write. But before I tell you my pilot story we have to check in to fly right? Yes we do. So here is a check in story. For anyone who doesn't know this, people who are blind and travel with guide dogs have the dogs right with us in the cabin of the airplane on the floor in front of our seats. As mentioned in my previous blog, sometimes that means we get moved up to first class. Usually flying with my guides has posed very few problems even on quite small planes. One time, we were checking in for a flight. When I got to the counter, the person agreed that my guide could travel with me but she insisted that she needed some type of boarding pass. I told her that this had never been the case in the past but if she wanted to give me something for my guide, she could do so. She printed something off and handed it to me along with my boarding pass. "Make sure you show this at security," she said. So off to security we go. When asked for boarding passes, I showed both. The people burst into hysterical laughter. "who gave you this for your dog?" they asked. I told them it was at check in. "Oh I bet it's that woman on her first day." They said and told me about the pass. They said they would call and tease her but asked me to show it to the flight attendents when we boarded the plane. I agreed to this and off we went.
When we boarded, I dutifully showed both passes to the flight attendent and again there was hysterical laughter. That adventure took place with my first guide dog Gwenny. When Gwenny died of cancer, I made a special box of things for her. She died suddenly while still working. I put in a favourite, bone, toy, collar, and a few other things. One of those things was the sign from the plane. Any guesses as to what it said? Wait for it. It said, "OVERSIZED CABBIN BAGGAGE."

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