Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From my sighted friends. Great things about having a friend who is blind.

As I mentioned previously on this blog, a friend who is sighted e-mailed me some great things about having friends who are blind. Other friends sent more. So here are a few.
Great things about having friends who are blind:
They are great at driving bumper cars
They come over and don't care how messy your house or car is
They don't say you've put on a few pounds
They don't critique what you are wearing
They can read to you in the dark while camping or when they are your babysitter
They give you great insights into things
As a writer, they give you practice in describing things
They get you in free to museums, movies, plays sometimes
They allow you to have a dog fix whenever you're with them but you can only pat the dog when given permission of course
You can tell them you look like a stunning model and they believe you.
They can help you out enormously when the power goes off.
They always have interesting adventures
They don't judge you by how you look
One friend said the best thing about having a blind friend is that that friend is you. Thanks for that.
Fun and interesting topic.
Keep any thoughts coming.
I'm starting to think through great things about having friends who are sighted.
It is a freezing cold day here. Thinking about all of my friends keeps me warmer.

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