Friday, January 7, 2011

Great things about being blind. Experiencing the snow

One great thing about being totally blind is the way I experience snow. Sure it can be a nasty thing too especially when you have to climb over mount everest's in your path and when your guide dog chooses to take the little path through the bank and waits for you to clamber over wondering why you don't just follow her through the hole in the bank. But I digress. Snow can also be tricky as it covers landmarks that you find underfoot or along your path. But, there are great things about snow too when you're blind. You don't care if snow distorts your vision. You don't have to drive in it. But also, there is the way it feels. This morning it was snowing when I took my dogs out. Little tiny prickly flakes. When I touched Tulia's back they felt like dust or sand on her fur. They fell with a tick tick tick sound on my hood. They squeaked underfoot. Those big big flakes when they fall, they feel like something gently touching your skin. Maybe like a butterfly would feel. And they feel big and fluffy on the dog's coat. And when you walk in them, it is maybe like walking through whipped cream. Huge mounds of it as it slides away as you kick it with your boots.
Enjoy the snow everyone.

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