Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great things about being blind. The squeaking of Tulia's boots

Today was freezing in Ottawa and I do mean freezing. Around 30 something below. I wasn't sure if Tulia would go to the airport and jump on a plane to Oregon and Washington state where it is warmer and where she grew up and had her guide dog training.

I was teaching a storytelling workshop today.

In the winters here when it is bitterly cold, it takes person and dog much longer to get ready.

The person has to find coat, boots, hat, mittens or gloves, scarf. And blind people hate mittens or gloves as they act as blindfolds. Hoods or hats can be problematic too as they inhibit hearing and the echo location or facial vision that I use to figure out what is around me. But, when it is this cold, I do what I must do. Then on with Tulia's little red ruffwear boots and her red coat, and off we go. It was a very sunny, bright, quiet morning. Not much traffic. This is nice in one way as it is peaceful outside. The snow squeaks underfoot. But in another way, it is awful. No traffic means that you can't tell when to cross streets and have to stand at the corners in the bitter cold waiting to hear when it is safe to cross. But we arrived ssafely and tulia found our destination. When we entered the quiet building, the rubber soles of tulia's dog boots squeaked like little mice on the tiled floor. It was the most amazing, hillarious sound. Squeak-squeak! Squeak-squeak! Like a herd of mice at a meeting. What is a group of mice called anyway? The workshop was awesome and my wonderful friends gave us a lift home in their warm car.

I'm home now with two well fed dogs sleeping by my feet.

What can be better than that?

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