Thursday, January 6, 2011

listening to conversations

One great thing about being totally blind is listening to dialogue and conversations. It used to confuse me when I was little and would be sitting in a restaurant with my family. As they would people watach, I would "people listen" The sound of a voice. The accent The tone of voice. A laugh. the way they spoke. Then, I would comment on conversations I heard. I was always told that it was rude to eavesdrop on other people's conversations. I never understood why. After all, it was just like them watching people wasn't it? Now, as a storyteller, these conversations I hear, give me fodder for stories. they make me better at composing and using dialogue. They assist me all of the time. The funniest conversation I ever overheard took place several years ago on a city bus. Two women got on and sat beside me. They proceeded to gossip for the whole ride and it must have been at least twenty minutes. "Have you seen Betty (don't remember names actually)?" "Oh yes but hasn't she gotten fat." "Have you seen Mary?" "Oh isn't it terrible. She's having an affair don't you know?" Then, luckily the best part took place just as my stop arrived. "Do you ever talk to Elizabeth?" "Oh no I never talk to her. She gossips too much." I was so glad to get off so I could laugh in peace. Takes one to know one right? Maybe totally blind people would make excellent spies. Smile!

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  1. I recall having had bilateral labyrinthitis a few times in the past. For 24 hours, opening my eyes and seeing the world flipping and spinning was nothing more than an invitation to unnecessary pain. So, I kept my eyes shut to at least stave off the worst of it all. Then, I noticed sounds - but not just sound as is commonly experienced but a rich orchestra of congruence and conflict. I was privvy to what sounded like a serious conversation between two birds and who would ever have thought that leaves rustling in the wind could have such a light tinkling, slapping tone to them?
    All in all, it was the one nice aspect to an otherwise unpleasant, but thankfully temporary, affliction!


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