Saturday, January 15, 2011

Great things about being blind. Sometimes flying first class.

Well, I'm back to air travel but am not telling the long story today. I was teaching a storytelling workshop all day and I'm storied out. But I promised to update this daily so here I am. Tomorrow I promise the longer pilot story. For now, one great thing about being totally blind is that your dog sometimes gets you and the dog bumped up to first class. Guide dogs fly with their partners in the plane's cabins. They lie on the floor at our feet. My current guide Tulia is much smaller than any of the others but sometimes there isn't a lot of room for the dog at your feet. Once in a while, especially if the flight attendents are dog lovers, you and the dog get moved up to first class so the dog can have more lying room. The dog does not get the better food but sometimes the blind person does. Smile. Tomorrow, I'll be much more articulate.

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