Monday, April 29, 2013

Reveling in my guide dog day walk.

On this dog anniversary day, had to write a second post. Working working on various things at home. But, when you have a dog and the spring has finally arrived, then you need to get out and walk. And so we did that. While out on a walk today, met some very badly behaved (not aggressive) dogs.
First dog was barking and lunging at the leash. Tulia glanced at it but kept going. The man was trying to get the dog moving but having little success.
Tulia found our crossing poles and a garbage can and a door and the coffee shop and mailbox.
Then, on the way home, another yapper coming right at us, barking and jumping. The woman said, "I have a dog here." I smiled and didn't say what I was thinking which was, "Yes I know you do." She said, "It is just a little dog." As it jumped and barked. I said, "Would you mind getting it under control please." "I have trouble doing that," she said. This whole time, Tulia is seated calmly beside me. She says, "YOur dog is better behaved than mine." Jump jump bark bark. "Perhaps," I said, "YOu could pick it up and carry it away." "Good idea." Like she had never thought of it. She did that. Away they went, barking and bouncing. Once they were gone, Tulia banged my leg with her head. Yes, I know, you are so civilized and good Tulia.
Home we went without further mishap.

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