Monday, May 6, 2013

Very exciting book news. Kindle app now accessible for me.

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I love reading.  I've always been addicted to it.  My earliest memories are of people reading to me.  Their voice muffled behind the book, the squeak of a book cover, the turning of pages, the wonderful book smell.  this being read to was wonderful but not enough.  I wanted to read for myself. Audio books came but they came according to what was available and not always what I wanted to read.  Then, I learned braille.  Very wonderful.  Reading in the dark under the covers and not getting caught.  But bulky and again not too many books (especially new books) available to me.  And then came the scanner and special software.  Sure I could scan a book page by page which took time but was still better than not having that book at all.  Then i devices and ibooks came.  I got a special thrill out of buying a book from their store and reading it in braille with my braille display.  But iobooks does not have as many books as kindle has and kindle has never been accessible.  But now, the kindle app for I devices is totally accessible and now more books than ever are available to me.  I found several storytellers I know with their books on kindle which I shall gladly now buy to support them.  Thanks kindle.  Next step for  you, make the  kindle readers accessible please?

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