Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The guide dog memory.

Yesterday, my guide dog and I were looking for a bus stop we have not used often and maybe only been to once. I knew it's possible location. But, not exactly where. I knew it was either in one block or the next. I thought the first block but I wasn't totally sure. But my guide dog stopped and sat down. I let her do it while I waited and listened for someone to ask. Because it was the hkliday weekend, and it was cold and fairly early in the day, no one seemed to be out walking. I listened and then my heart sank because I heard a bus approaching. Since buses were on holiday schedule, I knew that if I missed that one, I would have to wait a while in the cold. But, the bus pulled up and stopped beside us. I asked if I was standing at the bus stop. The driver seemed a bit surprised when he said, "Yes you are." My dog knew exactly where we were. Smart girl.

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