Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Even at the dentists, my dentists, the dog gets more attention!

This morning, my guide dog and I went to my dentists for my regular cleaning. My dog first tried to turn down a street instead of going straight. I made her go back the way I wanted only to find that the sidewalk was blocked and there was major construction. Should have listened to her. She found the medical building. Have not been there in 6 months. She found the elevator. She found the dental office. She found me a chair. We went into the back to get my teeth done. So then, my hygienist asked if she could pat Tulia. The receptionist too. They are dog people. I took her harness off and they came and patted her and she rolled about. But, what did the dental people say and do? Oh yes they patted her belly ETC but then looked at her mouth. Commented on her perfect front teeth that I brush and her under bite. Smile! After a time, I asked if they might get back to cleaning my teeth! That Tulia is so darn cute! And smart! After we left there, she found a coffee shop. thenot, I had to go and teach someone to use their IPHONE. She found the building, the office and everything. She's home now lying at my feet snoring contentedly. She brightens all my days and those of others around me too.

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