Monday, April 22, 2013

The ordinary to me is fascinating to others

I use a braille display paired with my phone. I can also use the device as a notetaker. It has a display on the bottom with little pins that pop up and down when I write or when I read and change lines. In a meeting this morning, someone asked about it and was fascinated. This happened a couple of weeks ago too and happens every time I use it. To me, it is a normal device like you might pull out a pen and paper. To others, it is fascinating. I always stop and think when someone finds something I do extraordinary. Because these things are so normal to me. Yes I listen to speech on my phone at 100 percent speed. Crazy I know! Yes I walk with a guide dog. Yes I have a braille display. Yes I have cool apps like light detector, colour identifyer, bar code reader ETC. To me they become part of my life. I am glad to share them with others so that they know that blind people can do everything sighted people can do if they have the right technology and resources and support.

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