Monday, April 29, 2013

Guide dog anniversary

Time sure flies. It was on this day in 1992 that I met my very first guide dog. Female black lab Gwenny. She was reserved and not sure about me. She whined a little and pined for her trainers. But, being a lab, once I fed her, she was more comfortable with me. Our first walk was scary. For me anyway. Fast and wild and I did not know whether to trust her. I've only had a few weeks of guide dogless travel since and really would never be without a guide again if I can help it. For as long as I can hold a harness I hope to have a furry friend by my side. Not just for the guiding. The guiding is great. For the team work. For the partnership. For the being beside you through everything. For the laughter. for the times when the dog gets you to play or cheers me up when I am sad. For those times when they have saved my life. And each one has at least once. For the sound of a dog's peaceful breathing while asleep. For the smiles they bring to others. For the stories they let me tell. I have had the pleasure of working with 4 wonderful guide dogs. At the moment, my second black lab is here. Lying on her bean bag. Snoring lustily. But it is of Gwenny I think today. She started me on ,this path andwhat a path it is. Love you Gwenny dog! And all of the others too. And love all of you who have given of your time and talents to help to create and train my wonderful guides. You know who you are. Thank you!

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