Thursday, April 25, 2013

Belated happy international guide dog day.

I had a busy day yesterday. Out with my guide dog. She guided me across streets. She found a garbage can, an audible crossing pole, a bus stop, our house, two buildings, a chair, a bus seat, a counter, a table. She lay quietly beside me in a coffee shop while I worked. She lay beside me in a meeting. She was and is a part of my day. She played at home with her green rubber bone which once smelled like mint but now just smells like dog. She ate, she lay on her back tail wagging while I patted her stomach. She was there for me. Making me smile. Helping me move through the world. On Monday it will be my 21st anniversary with guide dogs. Really? Where does the time go? Tulia is my fourth. Happy happy international guide dog day and thanks to guide dogs for the blind (see link below) for training all of my wonderful guides. And thanks to the raisers who raise them. The trainers who trained them and matched them with me. And to Gwenny, Margaret, Gia, and Tulia for all that you are and for walking this path with me. Guide dogs for the blind Inc.

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