Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Where does your guide dog live?

Met a very odd person today.  She said my dog was cute and asked if she could pat her.  I said no as she was working and when her harness was on she was working.  I thought that was clear but she started making those cutesy cutesy sounds and calling Tulia.  Tulia wagged but when I told her to stay, she did.  Then the woman kept asking when she could pat the dog and why she could not pat the dog.  I explained several times.  Then she asked where the dog lived?  To me an odd question.  Where would she think the dog might live?  In a kennel where I went and got her for work every day and left her at night?  With someone else because a blind person could not possibly take care of a dog?  Or some other explanation?  Like to give the benefit of the doubt but…. Very odd.  Tulia was a good and dignified girl through the whole thing. 

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