Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter and its challenges.

It has been bitterly cold here all week.  Before the cold, things had warmed up and melted.  So now there is quite a layer of ice about and freezing temperatures.  This means I have to wear heavy gloves or mittens.  This means that I don't know what anything is when I touch it with my mittens on.  I have to quickly remove a mitten and touch the object or find my keys or put on the guide dog harness etc.  Then just as quickly throw the mitten back on again.

And, in the cold you have to wear a thick hat or hood.  This makes hearing what is around you difficult.  Traffic sounds, the sounds of echoes bouncing off buildings do not sound as clearly.  It is easier to get disoriented.  So, at street corners or challenging places, off comes the hood.  Freezing air on my head until I cross or sort myself out and back on the hood goes again.  Also, thick heavy boots.  You can't feel the terrain underfoot as well either.  But no I don't take off boots to figure out what is underfoot.  Next time, the adventures of guide dog coats, boots and snowbank climbing.

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