Saturday, January 5, 2013

The great adventure of putting on dog boots.

I admit it! I put boots on my guide dog in the winter. It isn't to make a fashion statement. She is cute enough all by herself. So shiny and black and full of personality. I put them on to protect the paws against road salt and other chemicals. Yesterday, I took all 4 boots out and called her to me. Usually she bounces about and it is easy to hear her collar. She started over in usual fashion, sniffed the boots on the floor, and disappeared. It turned out she had not gone far. A few feet. But she was being very quiet just standing there. I called her. She moved slowly a pace or two forward and got within reach. She sighed. I heard it. One boot on. Kibble treat. Next boot she tucked her front paw up close to her body but we got it on. treat. Then she resigned herself to the back feet being handled. Once they were on she dashed down our stairs and stood impatiently by the front door. wanting me to hurry up and get my own boots on. If she had to have boots on, let's go out and get on with it.

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