Monday, January 28, 2013

So many choices for typing on my touch screen.

Coming up this week, there will be a new app called "braille touch" which will allow me to type in braille on my I device's touch screen. It is hard to believe that not so many years ago, I did not even imagine how I would even use a touch screen as someone who is totally blind. When I first tried it, I was confused. I'm so used to a keyboard. I learned to touch type at a very young age but felt I needed the physical keys to type. i have gotten faster with typing on screen. Then there was an app called type in braille which I still use sometimes. It lets you type in braille on screen but is a little complicated in how you have to do it. Next came an app called fleksy which allows you to type where you think the letters may be and it predicts words for you. It does a pretty good job really. Next, I tried apple's dictate feature which works really quite well. I also use a refreshable braille display to type and read. I am using it right now. I can read everything on my phone's screen in braille and type in braille too. So, will I try Braille Touch? Probably. I'm just amazed at how quickly things have changed.

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