Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So thankful for those around me.

My one woman storytelling show "Flying in the dark" is being performed on January 17 at the NAC Fourth Stage in Ottawa. I am a little jittery and excited today. But, as I practice and think about the show, I keep coming back to how thankful I am for the family and friends who have always surrounded me.
My parents and relatives had never met a blind person before I was born. But, they carried on. They treated me like I was smart, capable, and loved. Blindness was there but it didn't hinder what I did. Instead of saying, "We can't. You can't." They said, "How can we. How can you." There was laughter and humour. There was always support of who I am. My friends too. My blind friends get it in a way others don't. I'm grateful to them for that and for their support always. My sighted friends may not have known a blind person before me but jumped in. Offer me help when I need it. Describe things to me. Laugh with me and treat me like a friend who happens to be blind. Thank you to you all. Thanks to Caitlyn and to those at two women for helping with the creation of this show. The times we've spent working on it are precious to me as is your friendship. On with the show! Deep breaths!

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