Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Technology in 2013.

It seems that with every year that goes by, technology changes more and more quickly and it is difficult to be on top of all of the changes.  Yesterday, I had a miraculous technology experience.  I have been using a computer since the late 1980s.  Before that, I used a typewriter.  I learned to touch type in grade 4.  being totally blind, the actual typing was not the problem.  The problem was the proofreading of the typing.  I could not read anything I wrote.  Also, the ribbon sometimes ran out on the typewriter and I would not know it.  I typed a whole exam in university that was blank.  With the advent of the computer, I was able to proof read using screen reading software which reads what I type and what is on my screen.  But, I have been a Braille user since I was in grade 1.  I wanted to use Braille on my computer.  Yesterday, I took my braille display and paired it with my mac computer.  Suddenly I was reading, writing, and editing in Braille.  This makes editing much much easier for me and much more of a pleasure too.  Thank you Apple and thank you Humanware for the braille note.

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