Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy world braille day.

Happy world braille day. Hard to believe in some ways that over 200 years ago, a blind man named Louis Braille invented Braille. A system of 6 dots which helps blind people to read with their hands. Even though technology has evolved and I can use a smart phone, a computer, a light detecter app, a scanner with software to read printed materials, GPS apps and programs, get audio books. I still love braille the most. How happy I was to be able to pair my braille display with my I devices and to be writing and reading this blog in braille. I firmly believe that all blind kids should learn braille. It is vitally important keeps us more literate and working and besides you can read braille in bed at night under the covers and not get told to stop reading your book. thank you Louis Braille.

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