Thursday, January 3, 2013

promotion for my one woman show in Ottawa

I am very excited to present my full evening, one woman, storytelling show "Flying in the dark" at the NAC Fourth stage on Thursday January 17 at 7:30.
Tickets are $20 with student and senior discounts and can be purchased through ticket master or at the NAC box office.
Without a great audience, storytelling is not the same.
I really hope that you can come.
For those of you who heard the show last year, the second half has been reworked and is quite different.  So come again and enjoy this new version.
Thank you to all of you for your continued and ongoing support.
Thanks to two women productions and Caitlyn Paxson for your help with creation.
Thanks also to the CAnada Council for the arts for providing the grant to make the creation of this show possible.

If you are unable to come but wish to see the show, I would be happy to discuss house concerts or other performances.

If you wish to contact me about this, please do so at 
Here is the little blurb about the show.
Kim Kilpatrick

Jan 17 - Flying in the Dark – Kim Kilpatrick

So, she was born blind!  For those of us who are sighted, Kim would seem to be hemmed in by dark.  But that's not how she sees it. For her, the darkness is no barrier - it's the refusal of others to acknowledge her competence that weights her down.  Laughter, language, and relish for living have freed her - that and her trusty guide dogs!  Join us for a story of gentle adventure to send you chuckling into the night.

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