Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Great things about being blind. How blind people read traffic.

My guide dog and I were waiting to cross a street yesterday. The light was green when we arrived at the corner. I know this because traffic is going in the direction I want to walk. I hear it flowing along parallel to me. If I get to a corner and I hear that fresh surge of traffic meaning a green light, I direct my dog forward. If she sees some reason why we shouldn't cross, she will not move. but, if I get to the corner and I know the light is green but am not sure how long that has been the case, I wait for a fresh light. yesterday, someone said I could cross the street. I explained that I was waiting for a fresh light. Just as they said I could cross, the light turned red. Then all kinds of people still ran across. I actualy think blind peopleare more careful in traffic than sighted people. I always tell people that I'd rather wait one more minute at the curb to be sure than to cross unsafely and be gone. We are all in such a rush these days!

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