Friday, November 4, 2011

Great things about being blind. The feel of material.

I've been shopping for clothes recently. To find something new when I perform my one woman storytelling show in a few weeks. My mom and her good friend are great clothes shoppers and love it. I let them find bargains and clothes that look good on me. But, I can't wear something I don't like the feel of ever ever ever. It could be the best looking thing but if the material feels awful to me, I won't wear it no matter what. I feel terrible in it. I've always liked soft, smooth feeling material. Velvety things, suade or very soft leather, soft cotton or wool. I don't like scratchy material or fake feeling material at all. When I go in a clothing store, I feel all along the racks and find clothes I like the feel of first. Then, I ask what they look like. Tomorrow, a story when this went very wrong.

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  1. I do the very same thhing when I go clothes shopping!


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