Thursday, November 24, 2011

Great things about being blind. The fur coat adventure.

I promised this story in the blog a few weeks ago. I wrote a post a while back talking about shopping for clothes and how I couldn't wear clothes that I didn't like to touch. I promised a story then. Other blog entries came up and I forgot to tell it. So, here it is now. One time, I was clothes shopping with my mom. I was wandering down an aisle on my own and she was in another one. I was touching clothes on the racks. Sometimes I touch them and if I really like the feel of them, I call the sighted person over to look. Often, they say they are hideous but every now and then I find the perfect thing. I was just sliding my hands along the clothes and I found a really nice furry coat. Not real fur. I wouldn't wear real fur I don't think except for the dog fur that gets all over me regularly from my guides. But a nice soft smooth fake fur. I ran my hands over it some more. Suddenly, it moved. It jerked. It said, "What the hell are you doing?" It was a woman in a furry coat. I apologized and when she turned and found that I was blind, she laughed a lot about it. I didn't ask her for her coat.

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