Monday, November 14, 2011

Great things about being blind. When guiding is your job.

Yesterday, tulia and I were walking along with a friend. Tulia was guiding me. My friend began commenting on what she was doing. guide dogs generally take us around things. Things in our path. We don't always know what things they are. Just that we are being taken around something. Tulia swerved around something. My friend said it was odd coloured pavement. Guess she thought it was dangerous. She did it again later and then took me all the way around a picture painted on the sidewalk. Viewed it as a dangerous obstacle I guess. She is so meticulous. She just had a grand run when she was not caring about me that much. Just sniffing and running and wagging. We worked on her recall and it improved as the walk went on though. She was loose and having a great time in the fenced in park.

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