Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great things about being blind. choosing music for my one woman show.

As I prepare for my upcoming one woman shows in Peterborough, Wakefield, and Perth. See link at the end of this blog for details. There has to be background music playing before the show and during the intermission. At first, I was inclined to just let play whatever they had. I have been so busy with the show itself. But, I kept coming back to burning a cd. And so, this morning I chose. Bach preludes as the one in C minor is one of the first pieces I ever heard on the piano. Then the Mozart Clarinet concerto. One of the greatest clarinet pieces ever in my view. I loved playing it as a clarinetist and listening to it too. Then Beethoven. Piano sonatas especially the pathetique and the moonlight. I am learning the first movement of the moonlight right now but also Beethoven figures quite prominently in my show. I burned the cd and listened and felt the beauty of it. The power. Knowing it will steady my nerves and show me the beauty that is creating art. I am so glad I did it. Thank you Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. I love music with words too but it doesn't work so well for intermissions. One woman show link

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