Saturday, November 12, 2011

the creation process. Like climbing a mountain.

I've been fully immersed in my one woman show. It is being performed on November 18 19 and 26. See link for locations. I've been writing on my ipod, on my computer, on my braille note taker. I've been recording with my ipod, with my mp3 player. Storytellers do not read our material. We create stories to be told. I've been shaping, re-shaping, figuring out bits. Putting things in. Taking things out. Running the full show which is about 80 plus minutes of material. Over and over and over. Maybe now it is right. A little tweeking left and of course it always evolves as you perform it. Being blind has advantages for storytelling I think. I have a great memory. I have to. Can't look at street signs. Have to count blocks, remember where I turn left or right. How many doorways to pass to get to a room. good memory helps in storytelling. I am always immersed in words, language, the sounds of them. Good for storytelling. Onwards I go with this. It feels like a marathon run. The climb or a tall mountain. Hope the summit is marvellous!Two woman productions

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