Thursday, October 27, 2011

great things about being blind. Education of the public continues.

Recently, I was waiting for a bus at a busy stop. I don't always use this but there is a card you can hold up to tell the drivers which bus you want. It comes with a pack of numbers, brailled in the corners and large print. I can slip the numbers of the bus I want into this plastic sleeve and hold it up. I only do this at very busy stops when I need a certain bus. I had it the other day. The bus stopped. I got on. A man came up to me on the bus and said, "My friends and I are having a debate. Do you have those numbers so you can teach your dog which bus to find?" I laughed so hard. Couldn't help it. I explained that the numbers were for the driver or those around me to read. My dog is smart but I doubt she can learn to read although that would be handy for reading documents etc wouldn't it?

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