Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Great things about being blind. Two beings moving as one.

The other day, my guide dog Tulia and I set off to go to yoga and run errands. It was a clear beautiful morning. The recreation centre for yoga is several blocks away. Some long ones. Some short. As we moved along the streets, I thought about how natural it feels to walk with Tulia now. when I first got her, her gait seemed strange. More bouncy than Gia's before her. Her movements were different. She was so much shorter. I'm sure she was thinking the same about me. but we've hit that stage where we seem to know what each is doing. As we neared the yoga place, I thought, I'm early. Time for a cup of tea at the starbucks. I slowed down. Tulia slowed down, glanced right at the yoga doors and then I said forward instead, she pranced off and took me to the starbucks door instead. While running errands, it felt the same. To the grocery store. To the bank machine. It is like we can read each other's minds. It has happened with all of my guides. Creeps up on you this feeling but is so wonderful when you get to that place.

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